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Vernissage: „Only Revolutions“ curated by Seda Pesen

12. Juli 2017 /18:00 - 21:00


The exhibition title „only revolutions“ is taken from the eponymous book by Mark Z. Danielewski. The book tells a playful story about two sixteen-year-old teenagers and their different views on their relationship, parallel displaying 100 years of american history. If you turn the book upside down and swing it around every eight pages, one can alternate the monologues of its two narrators. Throughout those monologues Danielewski presents different sized panels with historical, poetical, enzyclopaedic etc. texts. The exhibition has the attempt to adapt the formal style of the story in a more metaphorical than precise way.

The substantial conception consists of different approaches towards narrative structures within itself, thinking about popular antithesis’s as privacy and intimacy, fiction and reality etc. The assemblage of the positions should function like brains in vats, emerging an own narrative structure that offers different, partly completely contrary thoughts, the positions can encounter each other in an either caleidoscopic or dichotomical way.


12. Juli 2017
18:00 - 21:00


fiebach, minninger
Venloer Straße 26
Köln, Deutschland
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